Spend an evening wandering the district to see local art exhibits, meet the artists & fellow art lovers. Art Walk First Thursdays is a free ongoing monthly art event created to showcase new gallery exhibits in The District by local, regional and national artists– in various visual arts and mediums. This monthly event will take place from 5-7:30pm every first Thursday in galleries located just blocks away from each other, within The District of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Art enthusiasts attending this event may walk to each gallery to see new art exhibits in these spaces. In additional to gallery openings, participating galleries may also have artist’s lectures and demos and receptions for the artists. This event strives to expose participants to various mediums of art as well as the artists who created them. These events are open to the public and free of charge. For art collectors, participating galleries will also have items available for sale. In addition, information will be made available for upcoming shows, musical events and classes/workshops in the NewBo area.

Included in the August 1st Art Walk: https://www.facebook.com/events/368796037165657/?active_tab=about

The iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio– 329 10th Ave
Featuring the opening reception of the new gallery exhibition exhibiting work by Wednesday’s Glass Class entitled, “Fused Illusions” Show Statement: A group show that highlights the work by the students in the Wednesday morning glass class. This exhibition will remain in the gallery through August 10th.

Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio’s mission is to promote understanding, appreciation and professional development in the ceramic and glass arts. Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio offers facilities and a wide variety of programs in both Clay and Warm Glass – for all ages and ability levels.

Studio 128 Showroom 
Located in The Cherry Building Studio 128- 329 10th Ave

Commentaries on Concise Elaborations by Niq Thomas
Anyone that’s had the pleasure of having a conversation with me, knows that I can be verbose. I like to hear myself talk. I’ve got a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, and it can take me a lot of words to make my points. But the area I rarely speak much about is my art.

This is a series of works that represent a particular style I’ve honed over the years. When I first started abstract painting, I was thrilled by the vastness of a large canvas. The first canvases I bought were small, but each time I sized up, it didn’t seem like I’d ever go back. Furthermore, I wanted to cover as much of the canvas as I could. I went all the way to the edge and sometimes beyond. Every square inch was busy and filled with gestures. These paintings aren’t that. The action is condensed. There’s a tension in these paintings during the creation process and when they’re complete. Each mark is more deliberate. I stare at the painting, circling it, before making a decision. Every choice informs the next. I let the work do the talking. These pieces mean whatever you want them to mean.

1136 9th Street SE
Owner/President of PiX FiX, Xene Abraham, is showing her work the studio this month! Xene has permission from the current owner of ‘The Flood’ to display it for the 8/1 opening. Several brand new pieces will also be included. In addition, Jack Hayes is displaying a large piece as a teaser to his upcoming October show at PiX FiZ. Live Music by Pinicon Drift from 7:30-9:00.


Gallery Space by Legion Arts at CSPS Hall
Eye Dance by Bob Campagna
Eye Dance is a four-decade survey of the work of photographer Bob Campagna. Campagna, a Cedar Rapids native, has lived in Colorado since 2007, although he continues to visit and frequently work in his home state. Beginning in the early 1980s, as an artist and teacher, Campagna has turned his camera on the people and landscapes of Eastern Iowa, on the structures and places lining Route 66, on the residents of the Meskwaki Settlement. Utilizing a variety of photographic media and techniques, and assorted display formats, his exhibit constitutes a unique, multifaceted exploration of Middle America in our time.
Colorways by Michael Rutherford
Colorways comprises paintings by Michael Rutherford, a self-taught artist who grew up in Iowa, majored in political science at Buena Vista University, and currently lives in Packwood, a tiny town near Fairfield. His paintings, subtle and atmospheric, draw on memories and experience, while also incorporating the random marks and symbols he happens to encounter in everyday life.

Legion Arts is an award-winning, Cedar Rapids nonprofit dedicated to the creation, presentation, understanding and impact of contemporary art. Based at CSPS, a restored landmark building on the edge of downtown Cedar Rapids, Legion Arts presents cutting edge art, music theatre, film and other events at a variety of venues; supports young artists, experimental art forms and new idea.