A Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) is a financing mechanism used to fund district-specific improvements and services to supplement, not replace, existing municipal services.  A designated district is able to levy taxes on commercial and industrial properties within the district boundary.  A designated district is self-imposed and self-governing.  Non-commercial, non-industrial properties are exempt from paying the assessment.  These properties can voluntarily contribute to the SSMID funds or can volunteer to be assessed. 

The Czech Village/New Bohemia SSMID will improve the neighborhood and the Cedar Rapids community in a variety of ways:
 Economic development
 Communications and Advocacy
 Capital Improvements
 Enhanced Maintenance
 Parking/Transportation Management

CVNB SSMID Commission meetings are open to the public and are held the third Monday of each month from 8:30-9:30am.

The next regular meeting will be held June 19, 2017,  8:30am at the Geonetric building (415 12th Ave SE).

Stakeholder Survey

Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts on projects that would enhance the district. Input from this survey will be used to develop a budget and priority list for the new CVNB Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID).

Please note that funds will not be available until late 2016 and projects will likely not begin until 2017. While not everything can be tackled right away, your input will help plan for the future. This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Thank you for participating, your feedback is important!

Take the Survey

CVNB SSMID Commission Members

Craig Byers, Chair

James Piersall, Vice-Chair

David Castelluccio

Lijun Chadima

Jessalyn Holdcraft

Stephanie Jelinek

Pamela Lewis

Ana McClain

Robert Schaffer