Robert Davis, Flood Control Program Manager in the City of Cedar Rapids Public Works Dept gave a brief presentation regarding flood control at our District Meet Up. He spoke about the progress that has been made this summer, what will they finish yet this building season, and what’s yet to come. Here are some notes from the presentation:

Link to the City of Cedar Rapids Flood Control System: 


Quick Facts about the System: 7.5-8 miles long, Protection Level 2008 Volume, Approximately 15 feet high, Includes raising two bridges, levees permanent and removable walls, roadway and rail roads

Completed Projects: NewBo Levee, Sinclair Detention Basin, Sinclair Pump Station, Lot 44 Pump Station, McGrath Amphitheater, Northwest Memorial

Segments Underway: Ellis Landing Private Development, Czech Village Levee, Quaker Oats Flood Wall

Czech Village Levee Underway – 2019-2020- Stretches from Solid waste to 16th Ave SW Levee approx 1/2 mile long

The system is a mixture of Levees, Permanent Walls, Removable Walls, Flood Gates, Detention Basins, Pump Stations and Storm Sewers (see image above)

Removable Walls – (21 in Cedar Rapids Flood Plan)  needs approximately 48 hour notice to install

Levee – most attractive, most cost effective, less maintenance going forward

Removable Posts – Takes up to 8 hours to install – 21 total in Cedar Rapids (removable)

Roller Flood Gates – 1st Ave, 12th Ave, 16th Ave: Rolls across raid to keep water in river, Room to store gate behind flood wall, can close in 45 minutes – roads can stay open until 20-22 feet elevation – East side roller gate will be installed next year, west in two years. Roller Gate Archway – Archways to be installed with Masaryk Park Reconstruction 2021.  Both Czech Village and New Bohemia Archways (both sides of the Bridge of Lions) signage will be backlit.


Plans for the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library include a raised yard – terraced for river view and trail. 

Tree of Five Seasons Plaza: Designs Underway – Flood Levee Integration, Sculpture remains, raise the site up 15 feet to accommodate levee

Trails improved on both sides – via the levee – new trail head on Czech Village side. 


NewBo Lot 44 Levee & Trail  2020 – project by the Army Corp of Engineers

Parking impacts Beginning 2020, Completed in 2021


8th Ave Bridge and Riverfront Improvements – Includes gathering space over pumpstation, Trails, LED on Cables, Complements Amphitheater, Trails on both sides of the river – west side connection from 16th all the way through McGrath Amphitheater . 8th Avenue Bridge will be elevated 15 feet with streetscaping, Lighting, Trail access. Construction 2023 Completion Estimate 2026. In May 2020, permanent bathrooms will be installed by McGrath Amphitheater into Levee Area.

Estimate that in 2022 – Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street District Flood Control System construction will be completed. 


Events coming up: 

16th Ave Flood Gate Groundbreaking  Tuesday October 8th, 2019 3:00pm
16th Avenue SE and 2nd St SE  – New Bohemia District, Cedar Rapids Iowa
Community Invitation – RSVP by October 1, 2019 to

The City is Hosting a Fall Open House Flood Control System on November 12th  from 4:30-6:30pm at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. Topics include: Elevated O Avenue, E and F Ave Reconfiguration, 8th Ave Bridge and Riverfront Projects, Pump Station, Amphitheater Restroom, Storage and Flood Wall, Green Ways


Link to the City of Cedar Rapids Flood Control System: 

These are quick notes from the presentation, if you have questions, contact: