April 27, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Workout of the week keeps the wellness vibe going, Thursday nights at NewBo City Market, November-April, from 5-7pm, and partners with The MAC, Goldfinch Cyclery, LAMBA, and Corridor Running. Participants choose between one indoor fitness activity or one outdoor activity. Registration is required for the event, and begins at 5pm at NewBo City Market. Participation for the indoor activity is limited to 100 participants, so show up early to be sure you have a spot!

Indoor Activities by The MAC 6-7pm
The MAC’s expert team will offer two types of indoor activities, alternating each week, starting with XFITT. For a complete list, visit our calendar page.

XFITT- a team training format focusing on strength and interval training. These sessions are designed to keep your body burning calories hours after the work out.

Mind & Body- sessions focusing on building strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in the whole body. Please bring a Mat during Mind & Body weeks.

For more information on The MAC and the classes they offer for “every. body.” visit their website.

Outdoor Activities by Goldfinch Cyclery and LAMBA 5:30-6:30pm
Goldfinch Cyclery and LAMBA’s teams will lead you on a group bike ride every other week designed for thick tire bikes (non-road), using the Sac & Fox Trail near NewBo City Market. For a complete schedule of the group bike rides, visit our calendar page. Click on Goldfinch Cyclery or LAMBA to find out more about the great products and services they provide.

Outdoor Activities by NewBo Run 6-7pm
Corridor Running helps us stay in the running mood all year long and get excited for the upcoming racing season with every week group runs. The run will consist of a 3-5 mile course. For a complete schedule of group runs, visit our calendar page. Click on Corridor Running to find out more about the group and the races they put on every year.