Soon fans of Brewhemia’s nitro coffee will no longer need to visit the NewBo District based coffee shop to get their fix. Brewhemia started selling and distributing kegs of their nitro coffee throughout the corridor this month.

Nitro coffee, a variety of cold-brew coffee charged with nitrogen and served from a keg and tapline similar to Guinness, has become a popular choice with consumers in recent years.

“It’s got that creamy, chocolate-y, deliciousness. We’re actually converting people,” Brewhemia owner Steve Shriver said.

“Coffee in general is heading in the direction craft beer was five years ago. The craft beer market just exploded and there’s definitely that same consumer interest in third-wave coffee where people are looking at it as a culinary product. Consumers are really driving demand for newer innovation and higher quality coffee across the board,” Shriver continued.

Distribution has just started with New Pioneer Co-op in Cedar Rapids leading the charge, providing grocery shoppers an opportunity to fill up a growler or cup with Brewhemia’s bubbly brew. Plans to branch out regionally will be the next step for the coffee shop with verbal commitments from local restaurants and taprooms and interest from a chain of Iowa-based convenience stores as well.

“We’re looking to scale up smart so we don’t overcommit,” Shriver explained.

In an effort to streamline the on-boarding process for interested businesses, offices and restaurants, Brewhemia will collaborate with a local restaurant supplier to create a turnkey program. Rapid Wholesale of Marion will issue the equipment and setup and Brewhemia will deliver kegs as needed for a monthly fee. For about $100.00 a month plus the price of a keg, nitro coffee can be on tap in your office or business. Those interested can contact Zach Kehoe at (319) 431-0128.