Czech Village New Bohemia Main Street District will host an Open House on Thursday, July 19 at 8:30am at the NewBo City Market. Information about current Main Street financial and technical resources will be available.

If you are a Property Owner or Business Owner in the district, you may be interested in our Building Improvement Grants (up to $4,000) or Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant (up to $75,000).

If you are a Start-Up or Expanding Business in the Main Street District, you may be interested in our Revolving Loan Fund (low-interest loans up to $25,000).

If you are a Business Looking for Additional Technical Assistance you may be interested in our Biz Boost – Growth and Innovation Grant (free one-on-one mentor consultation).

Grant applications will be due by 12:00pm on August 13, 2018. Contact the Main Street office for more information: email or call 319.432.9785.

Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant

Czech Village/New Bohemia Grant Nomination Process

Nomination deadline August 13, 2018 at noon (submitted via email or delivered to CVNB Main Street office: 1107 3rd St SE)

2018-CVNB Challenge Grant Application

Main Street Iowa and the Iowa Economic development Authority has announced the availability of Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants This funding is provided from a state appropriation for the Main Street Iowa Program to assist with improving the physical and economic health of the designated Main Street districts. This state appropriation will all­ow Main Street Iowa to offer matching Challenge Grants to participating communities for vertical infrastructure projects.

Designated Iowa Main Street districts, including Czech Village/New Bohemia, are eligible for the Main Street Challenge Grant funds. The CV/NB Main Street organization may apply on behalf of ONE project. Eligible projects must be within our district boundary. (See attached map of our District). State awards will be dispersed to chosen beneficiaries by the local Main Street district organization.

Projects that will be considered can include:

  • Rehabilitation and/or restoration of privately held properties within the designated Main Street district. This can include, but is not limited to:
  • Facade improvements (Front, rear and side)
  • Upper floor interior rehabilitation
  • Structural repairs/improvements
  • Code compliance
  • First floor interior rehabilitation
  • Energy efficiency/sustainability improvements
    • Single specific phase of a large rehab. The project must have a specific defined focus and clearly identifiable scope of work including start/end dates and milestones for completion.
  • Compatible New Construction including building additions with first floor commercial and upper floor(s) commercial or residential within the designated Main Street district. Razing of an existing structure to allow for new construction will not be considered an eligible use of funds.
  • Multiple Properties committed to a mutually agreed upon improvement or series of improvements located within the designated Main Street district.  All multiple properties applications must be connected by a common need or issue that defines the scope/type of proposed project.  For instance, a series of rear entrances visible from a parking lot; the removal of inappropriate slipcovers/siding materials and façade restoration for a number of buildings, multiple upper floor rehabilitations, etc. Multiple properties are not required to be contiguous.  However, close physical proximity does improve the project impact within the district.  Multiple property projects may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Installation of an elevator and common hallway linking several buildings;
    • Sprinkling of multiple properties with a central master control room.
    • Handicapped accessibility improvements serving multiple buildings/storefronts like a common ramp or lift.
    • Energy efficiency/sustainability upgrades like green roofs for multiple buildings, geo-thermal well fields, etc.
    • Improvements to the facades (front or rear) of a highly visible group or block of buildings;
    • Upper floor rehabilitation for a number of properties.

Plans will be considered locally on intent to follow preservation standards, architectural significance, need, developers/owners commitment to complete the project, uniqueness, and impact on the district and community.


The maximum dollar amount to be awarded per project(s) will be $75,000 with a minimum award of $15,000. Each structure included as part of a multiple property application must meet the individual minimum project investment threshold of $15,000 grant/$30,000 minimum total investment.

EXPENDITURES/MATCH: A 100-percent, dollar-for-dollar, cash match is required. No previous expenditures of any kind will be considered as suitable cash match for a project. This statement applies to both new applicants and additional submissions for phased projects.

The match requirement may include necessary project “soft” costs for professional service i.e. architectural or engineering studies directly related to the project/property.

NOTE: Previous Grant Beneficiaries (projects/buildings) who are completing a large, phased project may apply for additional Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant funding so long as the scope of work authorized in the previous award is complete and all funds dispersed.



Late applications will not be considered.  Only completed applications including all required documentation will be reviewed.


Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street District is looking for worthy project(s) in our urban district. Interested parties should complete the attached application, including a summary of the project, and email or hand deliver it to Jennifer Pruden, ( Director of the CV/NB Main Street, no later than 12:00 p.m., Monday August 13, 2018. (1107 3rd St SE) Applicants are encouraged to fill out the form to the best of their ability. Questions can be submitted to Jennifer Pruden by email, please include a phone contact number.  The review committee may contact the applicant during the review period if they have any questions.


Plans must meet all local code requirements, Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and comply with the defined Iowa Green Streets criteria of IEDA.


From these local nominations, developers/property owners will be asked to prepare a brief presentation for the CV/NB Main Street Nominating Committee, and be prepared to make a 10 minute presentation on Tuesday August 14, 2018, first presentation starting at 4:30 p.m. Finalist will be chosen by Tuesday, August 21, 2017.


CV/NB Main Street will work with the selected applicant to submit a full proposal and application. Final applications must be reviewed by CV/NB Main Street prior to submission. Completed applications must be submitted online by Friday, September 21, 2018. Only completed applications including all required documentation will be reviewed.


Please note: No deadline extensions can or will be allowed in this nomination process, and Cedar Rapids is not guaranteed funding in this program.

2018-CVNB Challenge Grant Application

Main Street Building Improvement Grant 

Application deadline 12pm, August 13, 2018

2018 Improvement Grant Program Details

2018 Improvement Grant Application

The CV/NB Main Street Board of Directors, and/or Design Committee will award grants to eligible applicants for eligible activities which are outlined below.  Applicants must submit an application for the intended project for a formal review.  The board of directors or design committee will act on grant applications at their next scheduled meeting.

Grants will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Applicants demonstration of strong dedication to district improvement
  • Eligibility of the project and applicant
  • Affect of the proposed improvement(s) on the district
  • Alignment of the project with Main Street’s four point approach
  • Grantee abiding by all terms and conditions of the grant

Grants will be offered up to $4,000 and require 1:1 matching funds from the Grantee.

Who is Eligible

Property owner or property owner-sponsored tenants of existing commercial buildings located within the defined CV/NB Main Street District boundary.

Eligible Activities

Items include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Permanent Building Improvements
  • Repairs to building facades
  • Masonry repair
  • Cleaning of the exterior of the building
  • Exterior painting
  • Repairing or replacing entrances, doors, windows, decorative details
  • Awnings
  • Sign removal, repair and replacement that meets the requirements of the City of Cedar Rapids sign ordinance and Overlay District guidelines.
  • Roofing
  • Permanent landscaping, benches and sidewalk repairs
  • Interior improvements that are permanent in nature
  • Other repairs that improve the aesthetic quality of the property

2.) Technical Assistance

  • Architect/Engineering fees, etc.

3.) Public Art

  • Art proposals may be submitted by the artist, tenant, or property owner with prior approval and should support the CVNB Main Street’s mission and vision.
  • CV/NB Main Street Design Committee reserves the right to approve or deny funding for art based on their determination of the appropriateness of the art within CV/NB Main Street District.
  • Art installations must be permanent in nature with the expectation that art as installed will remain in place for at least three (3) years.
  • Art installations should be outdoors in a location where it can be viewed by the public without requiring special access.
  • Artwork may be in process but cannot have begun installation prior to grant award.
  • The design committee encourages artists to submit artwork of any nature for consideration.

Grant project must be completed within six months of the grantees notification of award. Funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis. Example: documentation for at least $2,000 of expenses must be provided to receive a $1,000 grant disbursement.

Grants will be awarded August 16th.  The CV/NB Main Street Board and/or Design Committee will not use race, sex, orientation, age, religion or other factors as a basis for awarding or refusing to award a grant to an eligible applicant.

Applications must be submitted via e-mail: or in-person/postal service to 1107 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 on or before 12:00pm, August 13, 2018.

Special Thanks

The generous funding for this grant program is provided by the Great America Financial Services Corporation Donor-Advised Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

2018 Improvement Grant Program Details

2018 Improvement Grant Application

Biz Boost – Growth & Innovation Grant

Applications due by 12pm August 13, 2018 (Deadline Extended)

  • The Biz Boost – Growth & Innovation Grant provides a four hour technical assistance consultation from a qualified professional in the field of choice.  Consultant fees will be covered by the Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street program.
  • The applicant business must be located within the Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street District or have a location secured by the time of the consultation.
  • Any additional product deliverables outside of the four hour consultation will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Consultations must be scheduled within six months of award notification.
  • Awardee will submit a follow up report within three months of the consultation sharing their experience with the program and any advancement made as a result of the technical assistance.

2018 Biz Boost Grant Application


Menu of Services

Design Related

  • Conceptual Design Renderings: Façade Improvements, Interior Layouts, Signage, and Public Space Improvements
  • Technical Assistance Regarding Potential Building and Site Improvements: Architectural, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering

Business Related

  • Financials 101: Bookkeeping, Preparing Financial Statements, Business Taxes, Quickbooks
  • Business Plan Development: Startup and Strategic Planning
  • Business Transition Training
  • Raising Capital, Available Financial Incentives, Securing Loans
  • Business Operations

Promotions & Marketing

  • Social Media for Business
  • Effective Development of Business Programming
  • Market Analysis: Defining and Reaching Your Target Market
  • Building a Website


  • Do you have a need that is not listed above? Feel free to add in your own topic of interest.

2018 Biz Boost Grant Application