Cedar Rapids, IA, November 3, 2017 – NewBoCo tech and Agile trainings will offer
special discounts for veterans in the month of November in honor of Veterans Day.
DeltaV Code School will give veterans the opportunity to learn to code at its Code 101
course on Saturday, November 18, free of charge, normally a 20 percent discount.
“Part of being a veteran is being an adult, so it would have been hard to join a 2- or 4-
year institution with my age,” Jason Logan said. “The opportunity to get an education in
six months and get back in the workforce was really appealing.”
Logan is a graduate from the first class of the DeltaV program as well as a veteran who
will be a teaching assistant for the day. He was in the Army National Guard for 10 years
and did two active tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“I think that there’s a lot of opportunity for DeltaV and veterans,” Logan said. “Veterans
tend to have a strong work ethic, be driven, and be team-oriented and that’s what they
need to get through this program.”
“If the vet is interested in tech, it’s a really good opportunity to quickly integrate yourself
into civilian society, and it’s good to be with other people who have already been in the
In addition to offering a free coding class to veterans, NewBoCo’s Agile services has a
50 percent discount for any veterans who want to become a Certified ScrumMaster or
Certified Scrum Product Owner.
Scrum is an organizational framework designed to help your business see more and act
and react faster, and it was co-founded by a veteran. While several different Agile
methodologies exist, Scrum is, by far, the most popular. Scrum is used in a variety of
industries and certifications can help get jobs or promotions.
“As more and more companies in Eastern Iowa transition to using Scrum, there is a
greater and greater demand for people with experience in the practices,” NewBoCo
Agile Coach Nate Adams said. “A CSM and/or CSPO certification is a valuable way to
round out that experience.”
You can find more information and register for these training opportunities online:
DeltaV Code 101: https://www.deltavcodeschool.com/course-catalog/code- 101/
Certified Scrum Trainings: https://newbo.co/innovation/agile-facilitation-
coaching/certified-scrum- trainings/