Application deadline May 5, 2016

The CV/NB Main Street Board of Directors, and/or Design Committee will award grants to eligible applicants for eligible activities which are outlined below.  Applicants must submit an application of the intended project for a formal review.  The board of directors or design committee will act on grant applications at their next scheduled meeting.


Grants will be awarded based on the following criteria:


  • Applicants demonstration of strong dedication to district improvement
  • Eligibility of the project and applicant
  • Affect of the proposed improvement(s) on the district
  • Alignment of the project with Main Street’s four point approach
  • Grantee abiding by all terms and conditions of the grant

Grants will be offered up to $1,000 and require 1:1 matching funds from the Grantee.

Who is Eligible

Property owner or property owner-sponsored tenants of existing commercial buildings located within the defined CV/NB Main Street District boundary.

Eligible Activities

Items include but are not limited to the following:

  • Repairs to building facades
  • Masonry repair
  • Cleaning of the exterior of the building
  • Exterior painting
  • Repairing or replacing entrances, doors, windows, decorative details
  • Awnings
  • Sign removal, repair and replacement that meets the requirements of the City of Cedar Rapids sign ordinance and Overlay District guidelines.
  • Permanent landscaping, benches and sidewalk repairs
  • Interior improvements that are permanent in nature
  • Other repairs that improve the aesthetic quality of the property

Grant project must be completed within one year of the grantees notification of award or up to 18 months with prior approval from CV/NB Main Street Design Committee. Extensions may be granted if the project is more than 75% complete at the end of the grant’s term. Funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis. Example: documentation for at least $2,000 of expenses must be provided to receive a $1,000 grant disbursement.

Grants will be awarded May 19.  The CV/NB Main Street Board and/or Design Committee will not use race, sex, orientation, age, religion or other factors as a basis for awarding or refusing to award a grant to an eligible applicant.

Applications must be submitted via e-mail: or in-person/postal service to 101 16thAve SW, Suite A, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 on or before May 5, 2017

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