More than 40 volunteers contribute over 2,000 volunteer hours each year to provide mission driven services, promotions, events, and programming focused on community development in the Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street District. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our members.

Lindsey Podzimek
Lindsey Podzimek, co-owner of Eduskate, grew up in Cedar Rapids and attended college in Chicago. After college, she made her way west and was gone for about 12 years total. In 2012 she came back to Cedar Rapids to start Eduskate with her husband, Nate Sherwood. He has been skateboarding for over 30 years and worked in the industry as a professional skateboarder, as well as behind the scenes for different companies. Eduskate is their way of sharing their talents with the community.

Lindsey says she was drawn to this area long ago, prior to the 2008 flood. She spent about 9 months back in Cedar Rapids after college and kept finding herself in the New Bohemia area. She enjoyed bands perform at local venues, the local art shows and the graffiti. “There was something about it that reminded me of living in a bigger city,” says Lindsey. A few years she brought Nate here to visit and the first thing they did was hop on a couple of bikes and cruise over to the NewBo area. She wanted to show him the neighborhood and wanted to see for herself what had happened post-flood. When they stopped into Parlor City, which had only been open for a couple weeks, she told Nate, “If we ever move to Cedar Rapids, we will either live or work in this neighborhood.” One of those is now a reality.

When asked about Eduskate she says, “I would say our passion makes our business unique. We’re not just some business that opened up with grandiose visions of becoming super wealthy. We’ve really always just wanted to help keep the art of skateboarding alive and support other local skateboarders.” Eduskate has everything and anything skateboarding related. They have everything from the smallest part that costs $0.10 to complete custom skateboards and longboards. They love to support other local artists, especially the ones that skate, so they have apparel brands that were started by local skateboarders and even a small gallery wall where they display and sell art done by local skateboarders. Eduskate also features screenprinting, which Lindsey started that in her garage for fun about 8 years ago. When they decided to open the shop, they decided it was a no brainer to move that equipment and continue making fun shop shirts. Lindsey says, “I joke around and call the business Speakeasy Screen Printing because its hidden in the back and you really have to know someone who has worked with me to know I do it. I’ve gone from doing fun stuff for the skate shop to printing for great companies like Theater Cedar Rapids, NCSML and Lion Bridge Brewing!

When asked about her hobbies and interests Lindsey said, “I do love to cook! So much so that I tried to convince Nate to help me with a food truck instead of me helping him with a skate shop. I was obviously not that convincing 🙂 I also love modern dance and ballet and take classes in Iowa City as often as I can squeeze them in to my schedule. That full schedule includes volunteer involvement with Main Street on the Design and District Disc committees as well. It’s crazy when you watch skateboarding how many similarities there are to dance. It’s amazing, I love it! “