Volunteer Spotlight:

More than 40 volunteers contribute over 2,000 volunteer hours each year to provide mission driven services, promotions, events, and programming focused on community development in the Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street District. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our members.

Pam Imerman

Pam Imerman is a longtime volunteer in Cedar Rapids, playing a role in local economic development, athletics and social services.

Born and raised in Hansell, Iowa, she moved to Cedar Rapids in 1970. She worked for Merchants National Bank and stayed in the industry until retiring five years ago. Because she worked at the 16th Avenue branch of US Bank for several years, she served as their representative in the Czech Village Association. She later accepted the Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street District’s invitation to serve on the district’s finance committee. Pam also donated her time to the promotions committee, filled the role of treasurer, and stepped in during the executive director’s maternity leave to keep a presence in the office and get reports filed on time.

At home, Pam hosts Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball players. “I attend most of the games so they know they have someone there to cheer for them when their parents can’t be there,” she said. She also serves as treasurer for the Kernels booster club.

During tax season, she volunteers with United Way to help prepare taxes for low-income or elderly people. Two visiting singers for Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre stay at her house while they’re in town from late December to mid-January.

Pam said retirement has been “a perfect opportunity to give back to the community. I feel I have been very blessed with good health and great friends, so this is the least I can do to return my good fortune.”