A Giving Tuesday Story by Quinton & Ana McClain

We believe in supporting Czech Village/New Bohemia Main Street because this is the part of the community that makes Cedar Rapids unique. We believe in family-owned small businesses and we know Main Street supports that, too.

Our beer garden was just a patch of grass when we started out. When we applied for the grant through Main Street, we were just a second-year business. We knew we wanted to do something with the beer garden, but it just wasn’t a priority investment. We submitted a business plan and a request to Main Street for the project and won! The beer garden has really beautified the streetscape of Czech Village. It’s a huge asset and adds visual appeal — beautiful lights, picnic tables full of people and activity.

Having the beer garden has also enhanced our ability to bring live music, farmers markets, homebrewing programs, tasting events and so much more. It creates a beautiful backdrop for these programs because it’s a place you want to be. You may have noticed, but the beer garden fencing has the same cross-hatching as the Bridge of Lions hand rail.

Why do we give?

We’ve really seen the transformation of this neighborhood, with Main Street as the catalyst. We’ve seen physical improvement. We’ve seen financial investment. It’s really brought about results.

Here in the district, you run into your neighbors and customers on the street, Main Street is the heartbeat of Cedar Rapids — it is the creative environment. Main Street provides small businesses support and ways to work together & helps create an environment with character.

We live in a time where it’s a concern that we could lose districts with character. Places where you can find that memorable feeling of uniqueness, of history. It’s so important we preserve that character and build off it for years to come. And that’s why we support Main Street.