“As a female entrepreneur designing clothing for women, there was no better fit than The Dostal House,” said local emerging fashion designer, Emily Carlson, Founder of WRITTEN Apparel. WRITTEN Apparel has now joined the Women’s Workspace and Social Club named after its historical origin as The Dostal House.

The Dostal House recently announced its opening as the home-away-from-home-office for women in the Corridor. “The Dostal House, for me, isn’t about being anti-men, or ‘no boys allowed’ because I’m certainly not. I don’t view business in that way. However, it is a great way for women to empower each other, and that, I can definitely get behind.” Carlson quoted. “Girlbosses like myself are on the come up. More and more places like The Dostal House will further nurture this; I truly think a movement has begun.”

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – June 22nd, 2017 – Founder and Creative Director of WRITTEN Apparel, Emily Carlson announces she will be moving into The Dostal House.

Dostal House Founder, Meegan Hofmeister and Carlson had known each other for a few years and sparked a connection right away because of their shared love for fashion. “While Meegan was part of the WRITTEN team during the 2016 Iowa Startup Accelerator cohort, this brainchild of hers developed.” Carlson stated. “I immediately thought it was a fabulous idea; as a startup Founder, I loved the community environment she was proposing. Not only that, but Meegan having owned her own retail store, and myself having tried to get the WRITTEN brand into retail stores, both recognized the challenges we each faced which is why I loved the retail showroom concept she had in mind,” Carlson said.

“The retail showroom gives us visibility and serves as a place for women to see and try on the WRITTEN brand which I think they’ve desperately been seeking; I’m able to learn so much about my customers. I can learn who they are, where they’re from, what they like or dislike…it’s an awesome opportunity to interact and engage.” Carlson commented.

As President and Founder of WRITTEN Apparel, a womenswear brand specializing in uniquely designed pencil skirts, Carlson, along with her summer interns, plan to work out of the co-working space on the upper level of the house, while utilizing the main level as showroom space to promote the WRITTEN brand, sell product, and host events.

The WRITTEN brand was created to highlight and empower women who are carving out their own story in life and appreciate fashion as a catalyst to personally expressing that story. “I love collaborating with other people, brainstorming, or even just venting to one another about the trials and tribulations of being a business owner. The Dostal House is such a nurturing space for all of those things…as Meegan puts it, ‘it’s a fun, girly corner of the world’, right here in Iowa,” Carlson said. “Having complementary women owned businesses as members of The Dostal House encourages us all to rise to the top, and I think we are all genuinely invested in seeing each other succeed.” Carlson added.

The women of The Dostal House will be having a Grand Opening to celebrate and showcase their collaborative work and the retail storefront. The Grand Opening will take place Saturday, July 8th , 2017 from 10:00am – 2:00pm. The Dostal House is located at 1000 3rd Street SE, Suite #1 in the New Bohemia Neighborhood.

For more information regarding WRITTEN Apparel contact emily@writtenapparel.com.