Local emerging fashion label, WRITTEN Apparel, is taking note of the actions of big industry names and opting to showcase their Fall 2017 Collection off the runway.


Fashion shows are continuing to be abandoned by designers and brands alike who have found a substantial disconnect between the expense to conduct a show and the return gained, leaving the future of events such as New York Fashion Week in question.


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – September 14, 2017 – Following her return from New York Fashion Week earlier this month, Founder and Designer for WRITTEN Apparel, Emily Carlson is adopting a new approach in showcasing her latest collection of pencil skirts for the Fall 2017 season. As a result, herself and fellow Corridor woman in business, Nasi Moradi (Café Muse) have teamed up to collaborate on a presentation showcasing both food and fashion.


“I had visited Café Muse in North Liberty multiple times for business meetings and appreciated the clean and bright aesthetic of the space. I thought it would make for the perfect venue for the fashion presentation I was envisioning. When I reached out to Nasi about partnering on our fashion showcase event, she was immediately on board.” Carlson explained. “We want to inspire all senses with Fashionable Muse.”


While fashion shows continue to be the go-to method of showcasing the collections of many designers, many are starting to shift away from the process due to expense, time investment, and lack of return to the bottom line. Instead, those ready to push the envelope and pioneer a new process are opting for events such as presentations and appointment-only viewings with buyers and press instead.


“I like this approach,” Carlson says, “It makes sense for us and is far more measurable and effective as we continue to grow the brand. Our customer needs to see and touch the WRITTEN pencil skirt to be able to truly appreciate it. Presentations like the one I’m working on with Nasi, make that far more possible and accessible. Does that mean I will never do a fashion show again? No, but I like to explore different approaches to see what works best,” Carlson added. “It’s all part of ‘Writing Our Story.’”

The Fashionable Muse event will be held on September 21, 2017 from 6PM – 8PM at Café Muse in North Liberty. Tickets are $10 and include admittance to the event along with a three course sample pairing of food and beverages provided by Café Muse. The WRITTEN Apparel Fall 2017 Collection will be available for viewing during and following the presentation. More information, including ticket registration, can be found at: www.writtenapparel.com or by contacting Emily directly at emily@writtenapparel.com.


Next up for Emily and WRITTEN Apparel will be the release of a collaborative documentary produced by Little Village Magazine at the Witching Hour Festival in Iowa City, October 20th and 21st. More information can be found at: www.witchinghourfestival.com.